Artist’s Statement

My urge to create is overwhelming.  My inspirations are many.  The endless quest to capture the human form is the driving force in my figurative work.  To make a piece of stone appear to come to life is my ultimate goal.  For my abstract work, nature has provided a bountiful supply of inspirations in the form of organic shapes that are everywhere I look.  It could be the graceful bending form of an ocean-side pine tree sculpted by a steady trade wind or a very close up view of a small curved animal bone.  I never know exactly when or where an inspiring image or thought might occur.   

I have focused my efforts on stones such as marble and alabaster.  I relish the tremendous effort that is necessary to coax the beauty from a material that has such inherent resistance to change.  The tremendous permanence of stone sculpture has drawn me to this medium as well.  To realize that a sculpture I create today could be around hundreds of years from now is very satisfying.   

In my future work, I will be exploring abstract and realistic figurative work and challenging the physical limitations of what can be sculpted in stone.  In addition, I want to explore the family unit and children in my work.  I receive plenty of inspiration for this from the love and joy that I share with my wife and three children.